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Xiaomi - XMMNTWQ34 - 34" - Monitor

N$ 9,521.00

Unlock your gaming potential with The Xiaomi XMMNTWQ34, 34″ ultra-clear image quality, Curved Gaming Monitor.

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Unlock your gaming potential with The Xiaomi XMMNTWQ34 34″ ultra-clear image quality, high refresh rate, fast response, and display enhancement with the Xiaomi Mi 34″ WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor.

It gives you a wide colour gamut and a high refresh rate for an ultra-clear gaming experience, so you can surround yourself with an exciting and immersive gaming and entertainment experience.

The XMMNTWQ34 combination of the WQHD 3440×1440 resolution and the 34″ big screen make your opponent’s every move clearer.

The wide field of view and ultra-high definition, smooth picture puts you in control at the centre of the action. The ultra-wide panoramic view lets you assess the entire landscape at a glance to give you the advantage.

The 1500R extreme curvature design feels like being surrounded by the screen, giving you an immersive panoramic view. The curved screen creates a smaller visual inclination angle, so that every point on the screen is almost equally distant from your eyes, reducing visual distortion and giving you a more realistic view of every corner.

AMD FreeSync Premium technology keeps the picture in sync with high frame rate input, reducing stutter, lines and screen tearing when gaming, for a smoother picture that gives you a major advantage.

The monitor can display a theoretical maximum of 16.7 million true colours in rich colour depth, and the wide colour gamut of up to 121% sRGB shows exquisite colours in vivid detail.

Outstanding colour performance creates life-like images, this, combined with the 1500R curved panoramic screen, delivers a more immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.

Weight 10.75 kg
Dimensions 242.53 × 810.39 × 520.61 mm

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